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From enhancing medical solutions at Cerner Healthcare as a Software Engineer, to leading the Product & Brand experience for over 2.1 million students at Shaw Academy, my work has always been driven by the capacity to address human needs through technology.

Building design craft on an interdisciplinary foundation has allowed me to develop deep skills in Design Strategy, User Experience, Interaction & Visual Design, along with knowledge in Computer Science, Behavioral Psychology, Brand & Communication.

I consider self-learning the most valuable skill, and thrive in being a Polymath, working on complex problems across domains. I’m currently exploring the world of Blockchain, and dabbling in music production. I also take up freelance work through my studio Design Patty.

You can always find me having passionate discourse on Philosophy, Mental Health, Art, Gaming & American pop-culture!

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Design skills are not just about improving your craft, but also learning about the problem domain, and your ability to understand users and identifying solutions. The core of my expertise is based on the following –

Strategy & Research - Business, User, & Brand Alignment; Competitive Analysis; User Research & Contextual Inquiry; Product Vision & Roadmap
UX Design - Defining Personas & User Stories; Engagement Models; User Flows & Journey Map; Information Architecture
Interaction Design - Wireframes & Layouts; UX Copy; Task-Screen Flows; Prototypes & Usability Tests
Visual Direction - UI Components & Responsive Mockups; Branded Graphic Compositions; Guidelines & Design Systems


Design, as a process, is constantly evolving to fit an organisation’s goals, team culture, and resources available. However, its foundation is always based in a structured and collaborative approach, allowing space for ideation, data-driven experimentation, and iteration, with the user's perspective being the lens for every step.

One of the possible forms that this process might take is illustrated below. Feel free to view my workflow on a per-project-basis through case studies on Behance. I also write about design, problem-solving, and various interdisciplinary explorations over at Medium(WIP).

Oh hello there!

I’m Rohit, a designer, engineer, & UX practitioner, who’s motivated to bring transformative and equitable change in society through a deeply reflective, scientific, and compassionate approach to Design.

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Ideation, excution & impact of work.
If fixing the present or building the future is what you do, I’d love to talk to you.

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An intersection of strategy, empathy, & craft.